MEDIA PASSES: We have had several associations ask about Media Passes. We do not issue media passes for GJPW however we have always allowed one camera person per team on the sideline for games provided they stay outside the player box. This as well goes for your badged personnel for your team, if they are a coach or team mom inside the box they CANNOT take photos. If they are going to be the photographer for your team they MUST be outside the player box. We are asking the Officials to begin making sure the sidelines are clear other than the necessary team personnel and ONE photographer. (This does not mean one photographer and one video person. This is ONE TOTAL.) 

SCALES: It was brought to our attention that a couple parks may have had an issue with your scale. PLEASE make sure you check your scale before Saturday morning and be sure that the batteries are changed and if it is not functioning properly have it replaced. It is imperative that you have a scale in working order if you are hosting home games. 

FIELD CONDITION: Please be sure you are lining your fields PRIOR to Saturday morning using WHITE field marking PAINT. Also please make sure you have the proper field equipment i.e. yardage markers and chains. Also if you do not have a permanent parental barrier and temporary parental barrier must be established prior to games beginning. This is not an option, it MUST be put up prior to games. We are asking the Officials to begin confirming these are in place. 

PATCHES: Please update your weigh masters that all uniforms should include the Pop Warner Patch and Jax Sports Council Patch beginning this week. No Exceptions! 

SCHOOL CUTS: Please note that you must have an appointment with Earl tonight for school cuts and please refer to the previous emails regarding school cuts and the necessary paperwork for certification. If there are any questions you can contact Earl or myself. PLEASE NOTE THAT EACH HEAD COACH IS RESPONSIBLE FOR DETERRING DUAL PARTICIPATION. If you have a player that certified with you at the beginning of the season please be sure he is not participating on the school ball team as well. He MUST be dropped from your roster until he either quits the school team or is complete. Cuts should have been completed at this point. 

WEIGH IN: ALL Books should be in Alphabetical Order and ALL MPR sheets should be in straight Numerical Order. Tiny Mite players starting this year may weigh in with their pants on ONLY. They must have their Jersey on as usual. If you have a player near the minimum weight or maximum weight you may want to make it easy on yourself and the player and have them weigh in shorts and jersey as usual. The pants is only an option and not mandatory. If you wish for your team to continue weighing in shorts and jersey that is fine. PLEASE SECURE YOUR WEIGH IN AREA: If you are weighing in where the public has access you need to rope off the area with one entrance and be sure your weigh master's understand that only ONE representative for each team is allowed in the weigh in area. The weigh master as always has the final decision with regards to a player's eligibility for a game. The acceptable overage on weight is .4 ONLY. So if your weight for the week is 115 than the player is eligible at 115.4 (Strip Weight) ONLY. 115.8 is not eligible by rule. Please remember that the safety of our players is paramount with regards to this rule. 


Thomas L. Johnston,Greater Jacksonville Pop Warner Conference Football Director


As new information becomes available it will be posted.